"Our Healthy Comfort Food Concept"

Our healthy comfort concept was born out of the need to be healthier in every way. Like many people who struggle with being healthy, I couldn't be consistent. The "clean eating" model that encourage diet of extreme- only pure, raw, or vegan was not only outdated, but also impractical. When I was on a diet, I obsessed about all of the foods I couldn't eat, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, my hometown's signature meal, the "garbage plate"- a greasy platter of hamburger, macaroni, and French fries.

The more I obsessed, the more I went off my diet. I was stuck in a bad cycle until I realized I needed a whole lifestyle change and a food overhaul- a brainwashing of sorts. I needed to learn how to eat in a more balanced way so that I could stay in it for the long haul. If only I could recreate the foods I craved, but in a healthy way.

I presented this idea to our world class chef, Bernies Que, who is also into fitness . With her amazing vision and creativity, she created a healthy comfort food menu that not only helps to eliminate impulsive cravings, but are also "macro-friendly". We believe that this is the lifestyle of the future and we are extremely excited to introduce it in the foodie capital of the world, Las Vegas.