WELCOME! to a meal prep service that is not only great for your waist and health but great for your wallet too.

Here at Holy Macro, we make boring old meal prep ideas into a fun and exciting way to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. We turn high calorie, high fat comfort food that we crave into its healthier, "macro-friendly" versions of itself. If you are on a special diet, vegan,keto,paleo we also offer custom meals to accommodate all of your needs. Best of all, meals starts at only $6.50. So browse, order, heat up and and enjoy!


1. Look over our menu and fill out an order form. Someone will contact you shortly!

2. Pick up at our convenient location- 9780 W Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89147 or get it delivered for $5 a week.

3.Heat and enjoy.

* 50 meal plan can be broken down to any weekly amount of meals that fit your needs.